Iran – Daily closed; protests continue

Iranian Protest Against Dictatorship in thier country
Young people in Iran are the main thriving force of the protests

Stop Fundamentalism, 18 August 2009 – An Iranian news website reported Monday that many gatherings throughout the country took place to commemorate those killed during the past two months of people uprisings. 

Iranian Protest Against Dictatorship in thier countryReports indicate that families of prisoners gathered in front of the notoriuse Evin prison on Monday demanding immediate release of their loved ones.  The crowed chanted anti-government slogans and over 40 members of the families of prisoners started a hunger strike.

Security forces riding motorcycles moved through Tehran streets in groups attacking people arbitrarily.  Women and children were the main focus of abuse. 

Iranian security forces also, stormed protesters in front of the Etemad daily’s office Monday.  People had gathered to prevent the shutdown of the newspaper by retime’s agents. 

According to reports over 15 protesters were arrested and two women who were badly beaten and injured were taken away by plain-clothes Basij agents and currently their whereabouts are uknown. 

The news of the Etemad daily’s closure was released shortly before the protest.  The daily belongs to one of the defeated presidential candidates, Mehdi Karoubi who’s his recent open letter uncovering the vicious practices of toture and rape againt both men and women prisoners in Kahrizak Prison created an uphivle among the ranks of the Iranian regime.