Iran Is the Enemy of All Democracies: Dissident

Stop Fundamentalism –  On the anniversary of Iranian 1979 Revolution that happen 33 years ago, under the leadership of Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, Iranian dissident considers the mullahs’ regime to be the enemy of all democracies in the world. 

“Iranian regime’s meddling in Arab countries is a known issue as the people of these countries can feel it in their everyday life and pay a dear price for it,” said Abbas Davari, a member of the Iranian opposition movement, National Council of Resistance of Iran which is located in Paris, to Al-Balad Bahrainii Newspaper, yesterday.

“Iranian regime is the biggest enemy to a stable democracy away from sectarianism in this region of the world,” said Davari to the newspaper adding, “If a democracy was to take shape in Iraq that would be a death sentence for the Iranian regime.”

Davari stressed that it is time, more than ever, that a regional coalition was formed between “the people of Iran and the region to confront terrorism and expand democracy.”

“All of us together and besides each other can turn our destiny and overcome fundamentalism and dictatorships in the region,” said Davari on the anniversary of the Iranian revolution.