Iran Jams Satellite Signals Following Street Protests


Stop Fundamentalism – American authorities are once again alleging Iranian government of jamming satellite television programming in the wake of new street unrests in Tehran Wednesday, following economic crisis in that country.

Rial, Iran’s currency, lost over 40 percent of its value in less than a week beginning last Saturday.  American Dollar’s street value which was about 22,000 Rials only two weeks ago was sold as high as 40,000 Rials by Wednesday this week.  Many businesses and shop owners closed down due to unpredictable fluctuations in prices.

Following protests by angry Iranian crowed blaming the crisis on Iran’s spending in Syria, management of Voice of America announced that Iran jamming of its signals that started with the unrest is preventing its viewers in the country from receiving the programming.

Eutelsat, a major satellite provider for Farsi language television programs says that source of jamming of its signals is inside Iran.  The company in says in a statement that a new wave of signal jamming by Iran started on October 3.  It is against international agreements to jam satellite signals.

Iran has been using all means to prevent free information flow into the hands of Iranian citizens.  Internet is heavily filtered in the country and vehicle-mounted portable jamming equipments have been spotted in Tehran and other cities.  Exports express grave concern over health issues that may arise with the usage of such devices.