Iran Parliament to Ban Oil Sales to Europe

Stop Fundamentalism – Some members of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) announced today that Iran is ready to stop oil sales to Europe immediately, reported Fars news agency website.

“Some members of Majlis are calling for immediate halt on oil sales to European countries,” following Europe’s plans to ban Iranian oil imports, said the head of Energy Commission, Hoseini Sadr to Fars reporter today, “such decision during this time of the year and the cold season would definitely cause substantial damages to European governments.”

“Considering Europe’s dependence on Iranian oil, if we move quickly enough, they will be surprised,” said Hoseini Sadr.

Europe can hardly be considered dependent on Iranian oil as only a small portion of its oil is supplied by Iran.  Spain has already received commitments from Saudi Arabia to compensate for any shortage as it is one of the biggest buyers of Iranian oil.

Hoseini Sadr also threatened Saudi Arabia that if the country is planning to replace the Iranian supplied oil in the market, “that is an unwise move because first of all it doesn’t have the capacity and second, it will face internal opposition.”

European Countries have banned Iranian oil to force the country to come clean about its nuclear program. Iran is suspected to be developing nuclear weapons covertly and western countries say they will never accept a nuclear Iran.

Europeans and the United States have also introduced heavy sanctions against Iran’s Central Bank which is expected to cripple the country’s economy heavily dependent on petrodollars.

France is preparing yet another draft of a resolution to the United Nations Security Council to be discussed during the next session of the international body.