Iran Protests Continue in 93 Cities, 27 Protesters Killed

Dozens of cities across Iran are witnessing massive protests in response to a recently imposed gas price hike by the mullahs’ regime.
Reportedly at least 59 people are killed and thousands are arrested by the Iranian regime's security forces.
Dozens of cities across Iran are witnessing massive protests in response to a recently imposed gas price hike by the mullahs’ regime.

 By Azita Carlson

According to reports of the People’s Mojahedin Organizations of Iran’s (PMOI/MEK) Resistance Units from inside Iran, the Iran Protests continues against the gasoline rationing and price hikes as much as 300 percent early Friday and a strictly imposed rationing system.

On Sunday November 17, 2019 93 cities across Iran witnessing protests over recent gas price hikes. At least 101 regime sites destroyed by protesters and banks are being torched in Karaj.

Reportedly at least 27 people are killed and thousands are arrested by the regime’s security forces. One of the victims is Ruhollah Nazari-Fat’h-abad, 37, who was was shot dead Friday by the state security forces in Sirjan.

The Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei defended Today the fuel price hike in Iran that has triggered the Iran Protests. He labelled protesters ‘hooligans’. It’s clear his regime has decided to continue stealing the people’s wealth to sponsor terror abroad.

A video of MEK activists in Sanandaj, Iran shows a swarm of heavily-armed anti-riot forces keep circling the neighborhood on their motorcycles to spread fear and quell any further unrest.

Also heavily armed police have taken up positions at the Tehran Grand Bazaar as merchants go on strike in solidarity with anti-regime protesters on day 3 of Iran Protests. Internet lines remain down in Iran. The Footage trickling out via the MEK’s network of activists.

In Shahriar, west Tehran, Iran protesters chanting, “Mullahs must get lost!” “No fear! We’re all together!”

In Tehran-Saveh road, southwest of Tehran, protesters are blocking roads and reports show clashes with the regime’s security forces.

In Shiraz, south-central Iran, the protests continue as locals set up numerous roadblocks were chanting “Down with Khamenei!”

In Tabriz, northwest Iran, college students voice support for ongoing protests and chant: “No fear! We’re all together!” “College students! Workers! Unite, unite!”

Reports also indicate the U.S. dollar is now trading at 134,000 rials, a jump of nearly 20,000 rials in the past few days alone.

The uprising in Iran is not merely over the recent gas price hike. The Iranian people want this entire regime gone.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi The President-Elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) haild to the people of Iran who have risen up and held protests in several provinces. “So long as this corrupt and medieval regime is in power, poverty, high prices, unemployment, corruption, repression and discrimination will continue to persist,” Mrs. Rajavi said.

Presenting condolences for the heroic martyrs of the uprising, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, hailed the Iranian people in their uprising all over Iran. Mrs. Rajavi added that “Khamenei and his gang try in vain to keep their hold on power through such inhuman crimes. The religious dictatorship in power in Iran that has been committing crimes against humanity during 40 years should be discarded from the community of nations. UN Security Council, UN Secretary-General, UN Human Rights Council, UN High Commissionaire for Human Rights and other related international bodies and entities in defense of Human Rights should strongly condemn this regime and take appropriate decisions in this regard.”

Rallies in Solidarity with the Uprising of the Iranian people happening now in various cities around the world. A Call on the international community to condemn the Iranian regime’s brutal crackdown and to support Iran Protests for freedom and democracy.