Iran – Protests Continue In Orumieh and Tabriz through the Night

Stop Fundamentalism, 3 September 2011 – According to sources inside Iran large number of demonstrators have turned out today in the northern cities of Orumieh and Tabriz in Iran chanting anti-government slogans.  Heavy clashes between demonstrators and government agents have been reported in both cities.

According to eyewitness reports people were still present in the streets of Orumieh chanting slogans. Gunshots could be heard throughout the city.

Another eyewitness reported that the governorate of West Azerbaijan province has be surrounded by demonstrators.  Orumieh is the center city of the province of West Azerbaijan while Tabriz is center to East Azerbaijan.

There have been numerous reports of disturbances during tha past week in these cities with people protesting governments conduct with preserving Lake Orumieh in that region.  The lake, one of the biggest lakes of its kind in the world is drying out.

The region in Iran is populated with Azari speaking Iranians.

Reports indicate that the protesters came out today in support of the city’s Bazar in Orumieh as it was attacked by government forces.

Since 12 noon that the protests began, all mobile phones and SMS services have been disconnected.