Iran Ranks 120 and Most Corrupt Governments says Transparency International

Stop Fundamentalism – Transparency International Organization ( has ranked Iran to be among one of the “most corrupt” governments in 2011.  Iran has been rated to be at rank120 among 183 countries. 

Egypt ranked 112 and Tunisia at 73 in the same analysis.  Both countries have had to go through a regime change and people uprising recently.

According to the international body government corruption level depends on financial abuse of governmental officials of the post they hold for personal gain.

“Corruption continues to plague too many countries around the world,” say Transparency International in a statement and stated that protests around the world are often “fueled by corruption and economic instability.”

The same report also ranks Iraq to be at even lower level of 175.

Most Arab Spring countries ranked in the lower half of the index. Before the Arab Spring, a Transparency International report on the region warned that nepotism, bribery and patronage were so deeply engrained in daily life that even existing anti-corruption laws had little impact.