Iran – Tehran Dangerous Air Pollution Levels Put Thousands at Risk

Air pollution (NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): continues to be a grave and life-threatening problem.

Stop Fundamentalism – Severe air pollution levels in Iran’s capital city, Tehran, prompted the city’s Provincial Governor to close schools, government offices and ministries for the next two days, reported Iranian state-run news agencies, today.


However, “banks, medical emergency centers and hospitals will be open,” told Morteza Tamadon, Tehran’s governor to Mehr News.


In this regard, Iranian environment officials have been called to the Islamic Parliament to explain about their progress in reducing the pollution levels in the province.

Environment committee member of Iran’s Islamic parliament, Kamal Pir-Moazen, told reporters that the parliament is planning to have a questioning session with environment officials tomorrow in order to investigate the issue and receive progress reports from the agency.

Islamic Parliament members complain that in spite of many talks and plans to counter the air pollution issue in larger cities in the country, no progress have been made.

Tehran province has a population of over 12 million with at least 9 million living in Tehran city alone.  Dangerous levels of pollution has left thousands of Iranians susceptible to various health conditions such as heart failure and respiratory complications.