Iranian Communication Controlled by Revolutionary Guards

Iranian Protest on September 18
Iranian Protest on September 18

Stop Fundamentalism – The Iranian state-run news agency, ISNA, reported today that the Revolutionary Guards Corps has acquired controlling shares of Iran’s main Communication body, Mokhaberat.

Iranian Protest on September 18This new move was announced by Ahmadinejad as he praised the smooth process and the way the transfer was handled.  He called it “The biggest transfer in history.”

Internet and mobile phones played a big role in helping demonstrator organize and communicate among each other during the recent uprisings in Iran that managed to draw world attention. Many started calling the protests, the “Twitter Revolution” as it helped the world be a witness to the unrest and in a way take part.

 Transferring control of the countries communication into the hands of the Revolutionary Guards is another move by Ahmadinejad to crackdown on Iranian freedom movement.