Iranian F-5 Fighter Jet Crash Kills Two Onboard

Stop Fundamentalism –An Iranian US-made F-5 fighter jet crashed and exploded in the South-west Mountains of Iran killing two crewmen onboard, Iranian officials announced Sunday.

The crash occurred 35 Kilometers north of the city of Abdanan around 9 am local time. Rescue crews in addition to military and security personnel went to the scene trying to find out what caused the crash.

F-5 fighter jets are old American-made military planes purchased by the Iranian air force during the time of Shah before his monarchy was overthrown and replaced by the Islamic Republic over 30 years ago.

Plane crashes are common in Iran specially during recent years as more restrictive international sanctions, put in place, prevent the country from purchasing the necessary military plane parts from the international market.  The sanctions are imposed on Iran to pressure the Islamic Republic to back down from its hard-line stance on its suspicious nuclear program.

Another air accident involving an F-4 jetfighter took place last year near Boushehr nuclear plant but both crewmen on board were able to eject before the impact.