Iranian Protests – Clashes reported in Tehran

Iran Protests
Iran Protests

On a day historically known in Iran as the day Americans were taken hostage 30 years ago, Iranian protesters once again stage demonstrations against their government.Iran Protests

While a demonstration supported by the government in front of the now closed American Embassy was in progress, thousands of protesting Iranians took to the streets to show their discontent.

Clashes have been reported in different parts of Tehran and there are reports of teargas being fired and arrests taking place.  Large crowed has been reported at the Tehran University and also the Enghelab square chant anti-government slogans.

An unconfirmed report indicated today that Karrubi, a leading presidential candidate defeated in June elections, has been beaten and taken into custody by regime’s security forces.

The Iranian uprising has been ongoing since the June elections which restated Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for a second term as Iran’s president.

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