Iranian Regime Cuts Internet in Further Act of Suppression Against the People

Iranian Regime severely cuts access to Internet
Iran internet blockage aimed to stop the rest of the world finding out about the uprising in the country
Iranian Regime severely cuts access to Internet

By Atousa Pilger

For eight consecutive days, the Iranian regime has been dealing with widespread protests. The people are showing their determination and defiance in the face of the regime’s attempts to silence them.  

There has been an internet blockage and the aim of it has been to stop the rest of the world from finding out about the uprising in the country.  

However, this internet blockage is not stopping the people. They have been able to find ways to spread the news about what is really happening. The rest of the world has, thanks to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK), being able to hear first-hand accounts of what is going on.  

Horrific crimes

One witness recounted how 56 dead bodies were brought into the hospital where they work in one night alone. They said that they wanted the word spread to the rest of the world. Describing the events, this Iranian said that the regime’s henchmen have been firing shots at protesters, shooting people from behind and aiming for their heads. They added that medical staff and ambulance drivers have been seeing victims with bullet wounds on no other part of the body other than the head.   

Although some reports are getting outside the country, there are many more that cannot be heard because of the internet blockage. Despite this, it is very clear that the Iranian regime is instigating a mass murder of Iranian citizens.  

The country’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, has tried to deny that the uprising has had much of an impact. He said that he would like to make it known that the enemy has been “driven back” on all fronts. He said: “Everyone should know, both our friends and enemies, that we have driven back the enemy on the military front, that we have driven back the enemy on the political front, that we have driven back the enemy on the security frontWhat happened these days, it wasn’t the people, it was security measures. We drove back the enemy in different fronts.” 

Yet these very words immediately raise doubts about his claims. Why shut down the internet for the people if the regime has been victorious? In reality, there has been no victory for the regime. Quite the opposite, in fact. The regime’s brutal crackdown has not ended the crisis – it has just strengthened their resolve.  

Protests are still happening the whole way across the country. People are setting fire to petrol stations and banks are being torched. In some cities, police stations are being burnt down. Even state-run news outlets are saying that the regime faces major security issues and the uprising presents a major threat to its survival. 

One state-run newspaper described the current situation as the following: “Sometimes, we think that atomic bombs are dangerous. What happened in the past days is like an atomic bomb. 

All pointers indicate to the regime being as far away as in control of the situation as possible.