Iran’s Currency Rial Loses More Value Against Dollar

Iranian Money
Iran Rial Against Dollar

Iranian Money

Stop Fundamentalism – For third day in a row, Dollar continues to rise in value in Iran’s money exchange market.

U.S. Dollar was sold in Iranian open market at 37,000 Rials yesterday.  That is a hike of about 4000 Rials in just under three days, reported INA news agency, today.

Rising political tensions in the country between various political factions are an addition and, according to some observers, a result of mounting international pressures on the Islamic Republic to back down on its nuclear program which many believe is aimed at producing weapons.

The U.S. President, Barack Obama, has declared that having a nuclear bomb in the hands of the Iranian regime is a red line for the United States.

To confront the fall in value of Iran’s currency, Rial, Tehran created a “Center for Money Exchange” hoping to prevent further fall of the value by attracting some of the exchanges to this center.  The effort is yet to produce any results.