Islamic Republic Stays Most Isolated and Under Pressure, Says Iran’s IRGC Commander

Stop Fundamentalism – While the Iranian regime leaders are trying to create an illusion that the international sanctions have had no effect on the regime’s ability to control, lower rank fallouts create growing reason to concern for the ruling clerics.

Hussein Salami, Iranian Deputy Commander for the IRGC (Islamic Revolution Guards Corps) described the situation of the Iranian regime to be “most isolated and in technical, scientific and economic blockade,” and considered all “doors to be closed on regime.”

This is the first time a senior commander of IRGC admits that the Iranian regime is under pressure and is feeling isolated, describing his fear from growing international sanctions and embargo on the country’s oil and Central Bank.  The Islamic Republic officials for years have denied receiving any damages from international sanctions and pretended that sanctions are “good for the country.”

“We are not being threatened and this is not an illusion,” said Salami speaking to IRGC members celebrating commencement of a communication project, “threats and sanctions are real and in progress right now,” he added. 

“All doors have been closed on us and our only hope is our own domestic capacity,” said Salami.