Khamanei to Eliminate Post of President in Iran

Stop Fundamentalism – After many months of quarrel between Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamanei and his once very close president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad whom he supported during the popular protests in Iran after 2009 rigged elections, Khamanei gave hints today that it may be possible to eliminate the post of the president in the country.

Khamanei who was speaking to a crowed of university students and teachers, during his five day visit to the southwestern province of Kermanshah in Iran, stressed that the political system of Iran could change in the future to rely on parliament to choose the administrative branch of the country rather than having direct elections.

Moving the job of choosing Iranian officials in the hands of the parliament (Majlis) will actually give much more free hands to the Ayatollah to control the branch.

“At the current state, the political organization of the country is presidential and the president is directly elected by the people,” said Khamanei to the crowd gathered in Kermanshah University.

Khamanei left the option open to change how this works and said, “If someday in the future, possibly far future, it is felt that a parliamentary organization would be best to choose the officials in the administrative branch of government, there would be no problem to change.”

Khamanie believed that this is in the capacity of the regime to change and be flexible.  He expressed concern that his regime would be getting old and inoperative and asked, “Is there a way to stop the aging and if that happened would there be a cure?” 

In reality in Iran, the supreme leader who is never elected has the final word in the governing of the country.  Many consider the elections in Iran to be a sham just to present a democratic face for the ruling theocracy to the rest of the world.