Protestor march Iran Streets Despite Crackdown

Stop Fundamentalism, Tehran July 9, 8:00pm – Crowds of thousands of people are now marching Tehran streets in memory of those killed ten years ago during student uprising.

While security forces have swarmed the streets to prevent any type of anti-government demonstration, attending crowd grows by the hour.

Mirdamad metro was set on fire today at 5:20pm. 

Special Forces are marching the streets to scare off the crowd but people pay no attention. 

Clashes have been reported between plain-clothes agents riding motorcycles and protesters.  Some members of Basij are expressing that they do not wish to engage people.

One of the protestors reported that government forces have used strange gas on people causing skin irritation.
Gunshots have been heard around 7:30pm near Enghelab (Revolution) Square.
Basij Forces are stationed throughout streets leading to Enghelab square.  Witnesses say that they seem to be of ages between 12 to 18.  They all carry a baton or wood stick and wearing camouflage clothes.  It seems they have been fooled to take part in crackdown just by giving them the clothes and batons.

In Saad-Abad street people have stormed a state-run bank office.

Clashes also have been reported from Sanandaj, Mashhad, Tabriz, Shiraz and other cities.

In Shiraz Daneshjoo Square is jam packed with protestors and the crowd is moving toward Zand Street.
In Mashhad, Large crowd have gathered in Park Square chanting anti government slogans.