Tehran Shaken by 3.8 magnitude earthquake

Stop Fundamentalism – Tehran’s seismology research center reported today that a 3.8 magnitude earthquake shock the Iranian capital city of Tehran, this morning Saturday August 19.  The center of earthquake is determined to be in the north part of the city. 

Tehran is considered to be a big earthquake risk but the center rejected the idea that this morning’s shaker had anything to do with the earlier quake that took place in the north-eastern part of the country in Varaghan causing major damage and casualties.

Iranian head of disaster management warned yesterday that the capital city of Tehran faces major human loses in case of a major earthquake. Tehran sits on multiple active fault lines.  According to aid agency surveys, over 80 percent of Tehran city is on fault line.

Experts have repeatedly expressed concern in the past that an earthquake in Tehran is imminent and can happen any time causing major casualties.  Iran’s Red Crescent says in case of a major earthquake, it will be incapable of responding to demands and many will parish under as a result.