40 Years of the MEK Has Shown it is Iran’s Democratic Alternative

Free Iran Global Summit
40 Years of the MEK Has Shown it is Iran’s Democratic Alternative
Free Iran Global Summit

It was not long after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 that the democratic resistance movement became a known force against theocracy.

Until this day it has maintained its struggle against the Islamic fundamentalist force that has managed to hold on to the reins of power. Despite numerous attempts to silence any dissent, the movement has gone from strength to strength.

1981 saw the first crackdown when the MEK took part in a protest march demanding that the country should no longer support the ruling theocracy. The regime fought back against the peaceful protest and killed and arrested people at will.

The ceasefire in 1988 between Iran and Iraq saw the regime under its supreme leader, Ruhollah Khomeini, issued a fatwa that announced that the (PMOI / MEK Iran) and its associates were the enemies of God so that they could be executed.

This led the judiciary to organize death commissions throughout Iran in prisons, which gave them permission to conduct interrogations of political prisoners when they demanded to know what religion and other organizations the prisoners supported. Saying the wrong thing led to being sentenced to death. 30,000 political prisoners were sent down this route. Even young people and women who were pregnant saw their fate determined for them. Many political prisoners who had completed their terms behind bars were told to disassociate themselves from the MEK.

These rounds of executions and long prison terms didn’t scare the MEK. The Iranian Resistance has assembled tens of thousands of Iranian expatriates annually for a rally supporting a change in the regime.

Accountability demanded 1988 assassins

This started to take place this year by the writing of graffiti on the walls in several Iranian cities. Last month the actions of the youth-led to burning down the offices of the most violent wing of the regime.  All this increase in opposition activity grew out of the nationwide uprising in early 2018. Even the regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, agreed that the MEK was the key driver behind the protest movement.

Disinformation and demonization used to try to destroy the MEK

Over the years the regime has pedaled disinformation about the MEK, particularly to the international community by using contacts abroad.

As Maryam Rajavi, NCRI’s President-elect, recently described the situation at the international virtual “Free Iran Global Summit’’ that occurred in mid-July “for 40 years, the mullahs have been viciously crucifying the (PMOI / MEK Iran) and the Iranian Resistance, particularly [its founder] Massoud Rajavi, every day, with the barrage of their lies and unfounded allegations, just like they killed and tortured our people and barbarically destroyed Iran.”

This summit, with its hundreds of prominent western figures present, began to realize that the mullahs’ obsession with the MEK is due to the fact that it has substantially increased its popularity over the years, which has caused fear amongst the sitting theocrats.

There have been significant developments in the last three years that have led to large sections of the Iranian population turning away from religious fundamentalism and veering towards a freer secular society advocated by the MEK. There is no turning back for the MEK now and as it strengthens its support both nationally and internationally a regime change may be closer than predictions have suggested.

As Tehran’s warnings about new pro-democracy uprisings prove to be well-founded, the entire international community will surely find itself faced with the challenge or reevaluating its perception of the Iranian Resistance.

For far too long, that perception has been largely shaped by Iranian propaganda or based on the western governments’ financial interests, which have aided mullahs’ in prolonging their lives, despite their origins as a desperate response to the failure of direct suppressive measures.

Iran’s current historical moment is an opportunity for the entire world to recognize the Iranian people’s right to Resistance and overthrow the Iranian regime. This will not only end decades-long human rights abuses by Tehran but also ends mullahs’ terrorism abroad. This should make the world a whole lot safer.