Certain collapse of Iranian regime is approaching

by Armin Baldwin

The Iranian regime is barely standing. The recent protests that started at the end of December have rocked the already fragile regime. This is in a large part because of the young people of Iran. They make up the biggest demographic bloc in the population and they have decided that they want brighter and more prosperous futures.

This is significant because it is exactly this portion of the population that has never lived with freedom. Many were born after the 1979 Iranian revolution and do not know life any other way, but they can still see that they need change. More specifically, regime change.

The Iranian regime likes to believe that the recent protests were part of a conspiracy involving the United States, the West, Israel, Saudi Arabia and goodness knows who else. This is simply not the case – the people are aware of the fact that their government is placing terrorism, warfare, weapons, extremism, etc.

high on its list of priorities and thus neglecting the people. Even the Iranian president – Hassan Rouhani – admits that the regime has lost its connection to the people of Iran, and the young people in particular.

In 2009, the people of Iran took to the streets to make their disdain of the corrupt Iranian government known. Referred to as the Green Movement, the power of the people was evident and in full force.

The Iranian regime was almost dealt a fatal blow by the people, but the revolution was extinguished by the brutal regime, but more significantly because of the silence of Barack Obama’s administration.

In the early days of the Iranian Revolution, the Supreme Leader of Iran warned: “You must be afraid of the day when people understand what you have in mind, then it’s going to be then end all of us.”

This was recalled by mullah Karoubi, a former president of the Iranian parliament and later a leader of the 2009 protests. He is now under house arrest, and has been for several years, but he has publicly said that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is responsible for the dire situation in the country. Karoubi, over the years, has been in numerous positions that have given him a thorough understanding of the regime.

He said in no uncertain terms that the Supreme Leader’s “strategic and operational policies” have caused social, political, cultural and economic chaos in Iran. Karoubi has also allegedly written to the Supreme Leader to tell him that the regime is in “a downward spiral”.

It is very clear that the Iranian regime is about to collapse. It is hanging by a thread and no one knows how long it will manage to hang on for, but one thing is for sure – the end is near if it keeps feeling the pressure from the international community and from the people at home.
The regime has passed the point of no return. No amount of reform can undo the past almost four decades of chaos, brutality, cruelty, sectarianism and terrorism.