Desperate attempt to conceal Qassem Soleimani injury

Iran has published a fictitious interview with Soleimani in Quds Force run Alwaght website that operates under IRGC Brigadier General Zarei


National Council of Resistance of Iran reported on December 3, 2015

 Following consecutive defeats of the IRGC in Syria, posting of a report by the Iranian Resistance that Qasem Soleimani, Commander of the terrorist Quds Force (QF), has been wounded has badly shaken the morale of the criminal forces dispatched to Syria causing deep concern of Iranian regime’s leaders.

After three weeks and despite using every medical expert and equipment available to treat Soleimani, due to the severity of Soleimani’s wounds the regime has not been able to show a picture or a video of him in its propaganda although it badly needs to boost the morale of its forces.

In a ludicrous attempt to depict that everything is normal to hide Soleimani’s injury, a QF website dubbed “Alwaght” posted a fabricated report claiming that it has interviewed Soleimani in his office in Tehran on Sunday, November 29. Immediately, dozens of regime’s major and minor websites posted Alwaght’s interview with Soleimani. The picture of Soleimani posted alongside this interview has been on the internet for about a year now.

Considering that Soleimani has been on regime’s propaganda machine spotlight for a long time, the fact that his interview has been published by a pretty much unheard of website demonstrates regime’s bafflement as to how to manage reports of his injury.

Alwaght website is a QF tool for psychological warfare and dissemination of rumors. It is available in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, English and Spanish languages although its principal language is Arabic. A group of Iranian, Arab and European hirelings of QF write and translate the texts in this website.

This website is managed by “Andisheh Sazan Nour” institute that acts as the think tank for QF and IRGC. This website and institute are managed by IRGC Brigadier General Sadollah Zarei. Andisheh Sazan Nour presents reports of its activities to Khamenei, heads of the three branches of government, and commanders of the Revolutionary Guards and the Qods Force.

Andisheh Sazan Nour center is in Tehran at Pasdaran Street, Second Boustan, Ladan Deadend, plate 1 and it has sections such as Middle East, Persian Gulf, Europe, Central Asia, etc.


Alwaght has no actual reporters and QF publishes its reports in the name of fictitious reporters in various Arab countries. This website has no address, phone number or specific director. Even in view of other state media, Alwaght is a mysterious website without any phone number to contact.