Free Iran rally in Paris

Candice Malcolm, a contributor to Rebel TV, discussed the 9th July “Free Iran” rally in Paris in which over 100,000 supporters gathered in support of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). She called it “one of the largest political rallies in the world” – bigger than the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention combined. She points out that many people probably did not hear about it in Canada, for the simple reason that the mainstream media in Canada did not cover it.

The rally was to “peacefully call for regime change in Iran”, she emphasises. “They couldn’t host such a rally in Iran, of course, because they’d all be killed,” she adds.

In the article she shares a clip of the speech made by the Hon. John Baird, Canada’s former minister of foreign affairs in the Harper government. She calls it her favourite moment in the day and one of most “promising” parts of the conference. He gave a clear speech and was obviously passionate about supporting the Iranian people. She said: “He received one of the biggest, if not the biggest, cheers and ovations from the massive audience.”

Ms. Malcolm said that under the Harper government Canada stood with the Iranian people. They stood with them against the theocratic dictatorship that “routinely executes gays and political opponents, that funds global terrorism and builds a covert nuclear program”.

She said: “While Justin Trudeau and his foreign minister Stephane Dion sheepishly try to negotiate with the despicable regime in Tehran, and open the relationship back up, Baird reminds us of why it was closed in the first place. Canada used to stand with the people wanting freedom. We should continue to stand with the Iranian people, and oppose the tyrannical despots that control Iran today.”