Iran: Children and Fetuses Are Auctioned in the Streets!

The Iranian  newspaper, Noavaran,  published a report on October 31, which read, “…in the country’s economic and social mess and among strange, uncomfortable ads on selling kidneys and other things seen on the corner of the streets, hospitals and clinics, there has also been a new, more exotic ad in recent years and that is selling fetus in the womb.”

Shocking as this is, the newspaper claims that bands within the regime have set up firms to take advantage of desperate, poverty-stricken people.   The news report goes on to say, “…although the issue of selling fetus done individually as a means of livelihood is regrettable, but turning it into a business by brokerage bands who are willing to turn anything into profit is even more regrettable.”

The brokerage firms take advantage of both the poor people and the need of infertile couples. The report calls this, “…fishing in troubled waters and trading eggs in exchange for million-toman prices so that according to some documented reports, an amount of 3-12 million tomans is exchanged in the course of buying and selling a fetus,” adding, “If trading embryos is supposed to be a solution for child bearing of infertile couples, then all aspects of it need to be carefully studied and reviewed by all the bodies concerned so as to be banned if it’s going to have any undesirable consequences or be closely monitored to prevent it from going astray in case it can be used as an alternative solution.”

A report from Mehr New Agency, affiliated with Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), on 7th November 2016, shares even more dreadful news: The Iranian people have become so hopeless that they are putting their children up for auction.

The report reads, “It has been a while that the children are being sold and it becomes a popular trend in the streets but what makes the people sell their children?”

Leaflets became popular a few years ago, that offered ”an immediate sale of kidney” or “the sale of O+ blood type”. Many people try to solve their financial problems by selling their kidney or their blood, but even more horrific some people now advertise auctions of other body parts on the walls of streets.

The new phenomena is the advertising of “Newborn baby sale” or “children sale”. These advertisements are being seen repeatedly these days.  

Even more disturbing are the signs that read, “One fetus to be born in twenty days will be sold since there is not a proper condition to be taken care of. Urgent!”  This particular attempt to sell her child came from a pregnant woman who stuck this hand-written leaflet on a wall in the Azadi Street of Tehran. 

However, abandoned babies are becoming more commonplace. A picture exchanged on social media channels was entitled, ”The green space workers found a newborn baby girl in the 24-Metri Street of Ahvaz.The baby had been abandoned without any clothes today at 6 PM.”  In another instance, there is a picture of a newborn baby amidst garbage. Staff from the garbage recycling field described the story bitterly, talking about other fetuses that have been found in the garbage bags.