Iranian regime’s slow, steady and continual destruction of its economy

Iranian regime
(NCRI) and (PMOI / MEK Iran): Iranian regime’s slow, steady and continual destruction of its economy.
Iranian regime

The Iranian economy has all but been destroyed by the corrupt regime that is ruling the country. Corruption is so widespread and institutionalized that it is impossible to eliminate it without the leadership collapsing.

The economic policies put in place by the regime have resulted in extremely high prices for all types of goods and inflation is very high.

The Iranian government tries to hide the mess it has made of the economy, but some problems cannot be hidden because the people are the ones that are experiencing the consequential difficulties. Time and time again, President Rouhani and his leadership have lied, deceived, and tried to cover up the problems.

A few days ago, a former adviser to the Iranian president said that the poor people in the country are affected by the widespread high costs of goods. A state-run publication also questioned the government’s non-compliance with monetary policy that has resulted in the never-ending cycle of creating liquidity and inflation.

Another state-run publication commented on the issue, saying that several factors have resulted in the “money creation engine” being kept running, such as the currency fluctuations, the disruption to non-oil exports, and the budget deficit.

No matter what way you look at the situation, the economic difficulties have been caused by the Iranian regime and the very bad economic policies it has opted for. This sentiment was agreed by the President of the Central Bank of Iran Abdolnaser Hemati who said recently that, as mandated in the current budget, buying some of the National Development Fund’s currency resources “is to cover the budget deficit from the monetary base”. He explained that this is like borrowing from the Central Bank.

After Sudan and Venezuela, Iran has the highest rates of inflation in the world and the International Monetary Fund has predicted that the country’s economy is set to shrink by 9.5 percent during the current year.

Poverty is rife in Iran, with many living in the absolute poverty category. We are getting shocking reports from the country indicating the lengths people are having to go to survive, such as the selling of organs and people having to live in dug-out graves or even rooftops.

More and more people are losing the ability to purchase essential goods, with some saying that rice is now going to become a staple that is out of reach for many. A state-run publication said that rice will become 85 percent more expensive because of the poor exchange rates on imports.

Some Iranian officials have tried to say that foreign sanctions are the cause of economic hardship. You just have to take one look at the huge income that the regime makes from several institutions to realize that sanctions have not directly affected the people – it is the regime’s astronomical spending on terrorist groups and activities that takes resources away from the people. This funding of terrorist activities is what international sanctions target – not the people.

With the Coronavirus crisis, the economic crisis, and the unemployment crisis worsening with every day that passes, the Mullahs regime is digging its own grave. The mullah’s regime is right to fear another uprising. It is just a matter of time. The people have the support of the  (PMO / MEK Iran) – the main opposition to the Iranian regime, to bring an end to all these crises.

MEK Resistance Units spread across Iran and they are the main internal support for the Iranian people. The MEK Resistance Units are currently ensuring that the flame of Resistance continues to shine.

The mullah’s rule is coming to an end. It cannot survive any longer. The only certainty is that the Iranian people will be a powerful force behind the regime’s collapse.