“No Concessions to Iran,” Maryam Rajavi Tells Fox News

Nima Sharif

Stop Fundamentalism – Iran “cannot and should not be trusted,” said Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the largest opposition group to the Iranian regime based in Paris, France to Eric Shown of Fox news in a televised interview yesterday.

The NCRI will hold a large gathering today in Paris to tell the world that there is another face for Iran which will not threaten it with support for terrorism and building a nuclear bomb. 


“No concession should be made to this brutal regime,” President Rajavi Stresses, “Nuclear negotiations should compel the Mullahs’ regime to abandon its nuclear weapons program.”

In her interview with Fox News, Mrs. Rajavi called on the western powers in negotiations with the Iranian regime to adopt a firm policy toward the mullahs’ regime and to make it clear with them that they will have to “abandon their nuclear weapons program.”

Maryam Rajavi who heads NCRI which acts as a parliament in exile for the Iranian opposition, made it clear that the west should not make any more concessions to the regime as it will “lay the ground for more instability,” in the region and, “more conflicts and war.”

NCRI’s grand gathering last year drew a 100,000 people from around the world to participate in call for freedom and democracy in Iran and to support Maryam Rajavi in her call for a regime change in Iran.

This year’s gathering in Villepinte, France coincides with ongoing negotiations between Iran and P5+1 that is aiming to press Iran to halt its suspicious nuclear program.  The negotiations continues to be in a deadlock as Iran regime declines to come clear about the true nature of its nuclear program which the the Iranian opposition says it is aimed to develop nuclear weapons.