Opposition Leader Calls for “Regime Change” in Iran



Stop Fundamentalism – Standing beside a memorial stand to remember her compatriots who have fallen for the cause of freedom in Iran, Maryam Rajavi placed a bouquet of flowers by the main monument after she finished her speech, addressing the crowd of Iranian dissidents and supporters who have gathered at Villepinte, France.  At the same time a video clip displayed on the stage called for “Regime Change in Iran.”


The crowd chanted lewdly, “Iran Maryam, Maryam Iran,” expressing their support for Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran following, the main and largest opposition movement outside of Iran which the Iranian regime considers to be the main enemy of the Islamic Republic and the rule of fundamentalism in the country.

“The morning after his defeat during the Presidential elections in 2013, Khamenei ordered a rocket attack on Camp Liberty. And two years ago, when he decided to sign the nuclear accord, he ordered that Ashraf residents be massacred,” warned Rajavi about the safety of members of the Iranian opposition who currently live in Camp Liberty in Iraq, adding “The mullahs’ real aim is to annihilate the residents of Liberty or [force] their surrender to the regime. This explains why the regime is hindering their relocation out of Iraq.”

“Today, western policy makers stress that ISIS and Bashar Assad are the two sides of the same coin. I add that the Caliphate in Tehran is the godfather of both of them,” said Mrs. Rajavi noting the real threat that the Iranian regime poses against the international peace and security.  “I therefore call upon western governments to refrain from taking sides with the Tehran regime,” she added.

Earlier, in an exclusive interview with Eric Shawn of Fox news, Mrs. Rajavi asked the western governments currently in negotiations with the mullahs regime regarding its dangerous nuclear program to “adopt a firm policy” toward mullahs and “make it clear to mullahs ruling Iran that they have to abandon their nuclear weapons program.”  “”No concession should be made to this brutal regime,” she stressed expressing her concern that the west may be leaning towards easing the economic sanctions on the mullahs.