Protest in south of Iran after death of girl

A group of residents of the Jask port, in south-eastern Iran, on September 30 demonstrated outside the Mayor’s Office.

The protest took place in response to the death of a 9-year-old girl at the town hospital. The girl had died due to lack of medical facilities at the hospital, the protesters said.

Inhabitants were already distraught following the recent death of a pregnant woman because of shortage on medical facilities in Jask Hospital.

Locals are also angry at officials of the regime over the demolition of an ancient local castle that survived from the Persian Empire of the Sassanid era.

The regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Navy has initiated the demolition of the ancient castle. On September 11, the state-run ISNA news agency quoted local official Ibrahim Bousik as saying that the IRGC “has advanced 10 percent” in the demolition of the site.

The name of castle is “Castle of Kouh Mobarak” and belongs to the Sassanid Empire (Sasanian Empire) that governed in Iran from 224 to 651 AD.