Recent spate of strikes and protests in Iran

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has reported on the recent strikes and protests in Iran. At least six strikes and protests were held in Tehran, Bandar Abbas and cities in western Iran on Sunday 24th April. These protests and strikes were held against the repressive policies of the Iranian government and the “looting of workers’ salaries by officials of the mullahs’ regime”.

In Bandar Abbas, over 6,000 truck drivers continued to strike by refusing to drive. They were protesting against the regime’s agents, syndicate officials and those in charge of shipping terminals who have been involved in various forms of extortion. Due to the traffic jams caused by the striking drivers, all roads to Baba-Gholam Highway were closed.

In the Yaft Abad District of Tehran, market traders in the furniture industry went on strike because of extortion carried out by government agents. They are reported to have “gathered to strike in front of the customs representative in one of the entrances to the bazaar”. They were opposing to the huge increase in import tax rates. According to the regime’s customs agents, “import tax rates are being raised since in the current difficult economic climate, imports in the furniture industry are not necessary”.

Many young people took to the streets in Tehran in protest, while defying the suppressive security forces sent by the regime. The police had clamped down on homeless people residing in Herandi Park. The police claimed to be clearing the area of drug addicts. They also tried to arrest children and beat them. Bystanders were forbidden from taking photos or videos of the incident and suppressive forces used tear gas on the crowd to disperse witnesses.

In Mahi-Dasht, workers from Nazgol Oil Cooking Factory gathered to protest against the fact that they had not received their wages for at least three months. Meanwhile, workers at Kopoli Tissue in Mahi-Dasht, Kermanshah, were also protesting against at least 6 months of their salaries that have been withheld. Repairmen and workers from Iran Khodro Industrial Group were also protesting non-payment of four months of salaries as well as overdue insurance money.