Workers at Iran National Steel Group blocked the factory’s entrance

by Staff writer, SF

According to Iran’s Free Workers Union, National Steel Group workers in Ahwaz blocked the factory’s entrance on February 18, 2018, to protest about not being paid in the last three months, saying they won’t allow production to resume unless their overdue payments are fully settled.

The 3500 workers of National Steel Group had also staged a strike late January this year, demanding their overdue payments to be paid up and the employer commits to pay their wages and social security insurance premiums regularly.

Formerly belonging to Amir-Mansour Arya Investment Group, Iran National Steel Group was temporarily run by regime’s judiciary following the 3000-billion-toman embezzlement lawsuit. The company is now being run by Melli Bank.

Also workers at the privatized Hepco Company on February 5, 2018, rallied and gathered in the city of Arak, forming a human chain around the city’s central square to protest about the company’s problems and non-payment of workers’ wages for the last seven months.

According to a Hepco worker, the main problem the factory’s one thousand workers are dealing with is non-payment of the workers’ wages. “Tthe workers have not been paid for 106 days this year. Besides, many workers have not fully received their last year’s wages, either”, says the Hepco worker.

Thousands of factory and company workers across the country hold rallies and stage strikes on a daily basis to protest about non-payment of their wages and insurance premiums.