Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Has Become an Irrelevance

Iranian President
The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), times and again stated that the regime is refusing to listen to the people of Iran who are struggling in many ways and it is right to worry about further dissent.

Iranian President

The state-run media in Iran have tired of Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian regime’s own President, and now think that he has given up or at least has become an irrelevance. Here are some extracts from what would normally be fawning media sites:

  • “Rouhani has given up!” (the state-run daily Asr-e Iran);
  • “People say God damn Rouhani,” ( an anonymous Majlis MP);
  • “The Diplomat Sheikh is very tired. Tired of the conditions of the country and while knocking on every door in the hope to open the lock but is facing all the time the same problems and deadlocks. Hassan Rouhani has reached the stage of helplessness and knows that the people are disappointed with him and his government. The government that came to power under the name of Omid [Hope in Persian] has now become a symbol of despair in the country. Rouhani’s career can be interpreted as he has given up and waits for the end of the bitter period of his second term in office.” (The Akhbar Sanat website).

  • “First, not all problems are related to the White House. The serious and lasting part of the problems is rooted in our inner workings. (Second) If we hold the U.S. government responsible for the situation, we have disqualified ourselves.” (Etemad daily, 29th)

It may not be so surprising that there is an impression that Rouhani and his fellow officials have given up. They have been relying on the JCPOA, the international nuclear deal sanctions being eased, and international pressure on the regime one of appeasement rather than censure. Things haven’t gone the regime’s way, though.

The contradictions between a regime that has presided over negative economic growth, recession, mass unemployment, high inflation, and the levels of corruption that exist amongst those same officials are massive and obvious to anyone except the blind.

Rouhani’s cronies are the very same who bleat on about helping the poor while at the same time accepting 6 billion rial cars, 2 billion rial rent loans, and yearly flu vaccines, while the majority of the Iranian people suffer from increasing poverty.

Mad economic plans have been bandied about with the only logical result being the increasing poverty of the mass of the people. As AliMarvi, an economist working for the government has stated: “the plan to supply basic goods is unfortunately on the same path as ‘Venezuelanizing Iran’s economy.”

The level of poverty in Iran is certainly increasing but is met with bland statements from regime MPs. An example is this from the chairman of the parliament’s internal affairs commission: “continuing unfavorable economic situation that has led to major problems in people’s livelihoods and the devaluation of the national currency … especially in a situation where the government has lost control of affairs in many economic areas and has virtually no control over the market.” (as reported by the Tasnim news agency on 28th September.)

As one MP explained: “every day, prices rise, cars are becoming more expensive and people’s tables are getting smaller. The government not only does not pay attention to the needy and the lower deciles of the society but also does not provide a decent living for the people.”

The poverty level has been going up. It has now reached 100 million rials for a family of four, almost double what it was at the same point last year. Many workers and their families are experiencing absolute poverty when it is hard to even find enough to eat. The main reasons for this are negative economic growth, high inflation, incompetence, and corruption within the ruling mullahs’ regime.

It beggars belief that some MPs are still living in cloud cuckoo land when they say things like this: “I am sure that we will overcome this crisis, God willing, provided that all people, including the workers, have a little patience. This coronavirus situation has shrunk the economy of the whole world, so we should not expect everything to go well.” (as reported by the Aftab-e Yazd daily, 29th September), Over 118,600 people have died of the coronavirus in Iran, according to reports by (PMOI / MEK Iran) The official death count declared by the regime stands at 27,888, around a fifth of the actual figure.

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), times and again stated that the regime is refusing to listen to the people of Iran who are struggling in many ways and it is right to worry about further dissent.

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