Support for the Iranian Resistance during Nowrouz

On the occasion of Nowrouz, the Iranian New Year, several prominent Members of the European Parliament have pledged their support for the Iranian Resistance.

José Inácio Faria, a member of the European Parliament from Portugal, said that all democrats have a duty to support the Iranian Resistance if they truly believe in democracy. Mr. Faria also highlighted the clear message of Nowrouz: “the prevailing forces of good – represented by the spring – over the darkness – that is represented by the winter”.

He emphasised the support of many in the European Parliament who work tirelessly to achieve the objective of having a free and democratic Iran. He also praised Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, for being a “remarkable leader with a humanitarian character and ideals” which is very much appreciated by not only members of the European Parliament, but also by those of the free world.

Eleonora Evi from Italy, another MEP, also sent her wishes to the Iranian people on the occasion of the New Year.  She praised Mrs. Rajavi, a prominent “Muslim woman”, for leading the global fight against Islamic fundamentalism as well as the young people and women who also stand up to fight for freedom against dictatorship.

Ms. Evi said she was delighted to have heard Mrs. Rajavi speak in the European Parliament recently and stressed that having a woman in such a leadership is particularly significant. Fighting against fundamentalism that completely disregards the rights of women makes Mrs.

Rajavi’s leadership all the more significant, especially for the young people and women of Iran.

Mr. Faria and Ms. Evi both agreed that Islamic fundamentalism is a very real global threat in today’s world and declared to continue fighting, along with the Iranian Resistance, for a secular government, equal rights for women and an end to the death penalty.

Ms. Evi said: “I want the people of Iran, especially the youth and women that have the same rights as we have in Europe, to be able to decide their own future freely. We in the European Parliament as elected representatives of the people of Europe should set an example for our governments to defend European values which are human rights, women’s rights and democracy. This is what the people of Iran expect from us. We must support the democratic opposition.”