Iran: Shocking working conditions and death toll following workplace accidents

22 November 2016

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has reported that Iran’s workers are forced to undergo harsh treatment for very poor wages. The country’s chief of the ‘Construction Workers Association’, Akbar Shokat, said: “According to experts the monthly income of less than $580, is considered below the poverty line and while the construction workers monthly salary is $230, this figure is not the poverty line anymore, this is the misery line!”

Saudi Arabia and Yemen Agree — Iran Is Part of Yemeni Crisis, and Not Part of the Solution

23 August 2017

Saudi Arabia’s UN Ambassador Abdullah Al-Mouallimi and Yemeni Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Abdulmalek Al-Makhlafi, said that Iran has no role to play in the region because it was the cause of the Yemeni crisis and not part of the solution.  Their remarks came at a symposium titled “Partners for a Sustainable Peace in Yemen” on Monday at UN headquarters in New York.

Free Iran Event to Be Held July 1st, in Paris

13 June 2017

With a new administration in America, its foreign policy is changing, and the rest of the world waits to see how issues related to Iran will play out. 

Iran’s exportation of Islamic extremism, its ballistic missile tests, incidents in international waters, human rights abuses, and imprisonment of dual citizens, are some of the several issues that concern the international community.

Iran Deports Undocumented Afghan Refugees Contradictory to Memorandum of Understanding

22 May 2017

With the resurgent Taliban holding more than 40 percent of the rural territory in Afghanistan, some 130,000 undocumented Afghan refugees are heading toward an uncertain future after having been forced to flee Iran by the government.

Each day, hundreds more are expelled from Iran, who plans to  send 600,000 back to Afghanistan by the end of the year.

Spokesman for the Afghanistan Ministry of Refugees and Returnees, Hafiz Ahmad Miakhel, said last week, “7,695 Afghan refugees returned from Iran, 60-65 percent of whom were deported involuntarily. The majority of them were young individuals, but some were families, including women and children.”

Media hysteria around Giuliani’s terrorist link

18 November 2016

The Daily Caller has reported that the former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, is under scrutiny regarding his business dealings. Now that it is known that Giuliani is being considered for the role of Secretary of State in Donald Trump’s administration, his past work is being examined and several red flags have been raised. One red flag in particular is his work with the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (or MEK).


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