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Iran – a prototype

The doctrine of Vellayat faghieh (the rule of the jurist) was first published by Khomeini in 1970. After assuming power in 1979 he completed this doctrine as “vellayate Motlaghe Faghieh” (the absolute rule of the Jurist).

Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear arms, in the mullahs’ view, are "the most strategic guarantee" for their survival in the future of the region. In 1991, Ata’ollah Mohajerani, one of Rafsanjani’s deputies, also laid emphasis on the need to obtain atomic weapons. "Since the enemy has atomic facilities," he said, "Islamic countries must be armed with the same capacity." As the majlis speaker in 1989, Rafsanjani underscored the need to obtain an atomic arsenal, stressing that Iran cannot ignore the reality of the modem world’s atomic weapons.


While fundamentalism has become the new global threat, what is the strategic response to this threat? The response, in a word, is democratic Islam. Clearly, no one could warn the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims or 750 million Muslim women against the threat of fundamentalism with an un-Islamic model. So the central issue in our response is Islam itself. It is the genuine, democratic Islam that exposes the true nature of Islamic fundamentalism and provides an alternative to it.

Young man hanged in Iran prison

Young man HangingTehran, Iran, Aug. 18 – A 21-year old prisoner from the southern port city of Bandar Abbass was hanged in prison, a state-run daily reported on Thursday.

The young man, identified as Farshid Farighi, was hanged in prison after he was convicted of murder, according to the daily Javan.

An Iranian man was hanged in public in the volatile town of Ahwaz

ImageTehran, Iran, Sep. 17 – An Iranian man was hanged in public in the volatile town of Ahwaz, southwest Iran, on Saturday morning, Iran state-run news agency reported.

Majlis deputy urges greater crackdown on women

ImageTehran, Iran, Oct. 10 – A Majlis (Parliament) deputy from the central city of Isfahan told reporters that there was an urgent need to act against “corruption and mal-veiling” by women in society, state media reported on Monday.

Iran says women unfit to manage restaurants

ImageTehran, Iran, Sep. 09 – Female restaurant managers in Iran will be required to name a man as the person who will carry out the management on their behalf, or else their businesses will be shut down, the country’s police force announced on Friday.

According to the Public Places Inspection Office of the para-military police, Iranian restaurants must be managed by men to prevent “social corruption”.

Iran to speed up flogging of women for “bad” veil

ImageTehran, Iran, Sep. 06 – Women who violate Iran’s strict Islamic dress code will be flogged immediately, prosecutor’s offices in provincial centres announced on Tuesday.

In the central Iranian city of Shahin-Shahr, the prosecutor’s office posted huge notices on billboards and shop windows warning women that dress code violators will appear before an Islamic judge immediately after arrest to receive a sentence, usually 100 lashes in public. The prosecutor will be demanding maximum penalties, the notice warned.

Opposition claims Iranian regime smuggled material for nuclear bomb

ImageSTOCKHOLM – The main Iranian opposition group charged here on Thursday that the country’s Islamic regime has smuggled 20 kilos (44 pounds) of Beryllium with the aim of using it to make nuclear bombs.

"The (Iranian) ministry of defense is vigorously trying to obtain Beryllium. This includes smuggling 20 kilos of Beryllium from China in 2004 for use in the regime’s nuclear weapons project," Perviz Khazai, an official in the Scandinavian branch of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), told reporters in Stockholm.

Iran has made no secret of its wish to develop civilian nuclear power, but vehemently denies wanting to produce nuclear weapons. {mos_sb_discuss:3}

Fundamentalism Misinterpreted

In summing up, it is appropriate to point to two misinterpretations of Islamic fundamentalism in the West. Some contend that the emergence of fundamentalism is merely a by-product of poverty and the unequal distribution of wealth. They argue, therefore, that social and political reforms can curb and even eliminate fundamentalism. Without question, fundamentalists take full advantage of social deprivation. But at least in this part of the world,