After Brutal Execution of Iranian Athlete, MEK Supporters and Political Prisoners Vow to Continue Standing up Against the Regime

After brutal execution
After the brutal execution of Iranian athletes, political prisoners vow to continue standing up against the regime and Resistance Units, and MEK Supporters Call on Youth To rising Up in achieving freedom and democracy in Iran.
After brutal execution
Navid Afkari, an Iranian wrestler, was executed a few days ago by the Iranian regime despite the calls from the international community to overturn his sentence.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s (NCRI): The mullahs’ criminal regime hanged Navid Afkari this morning. The people of Iran and its brave youth will not remain silent against the cowardly execution of this courageous son of Shiraz. They will rise in solidarity with the heroic people of Fars.

The regime charged him with murder after he confessed, however, he, like many other political prisoners before him, was tortured into making a false confession.

International attention was drawn to the case after a number of notable figures from around the world spoke out about Mr. Afkari’s death sentence. Some of these figures include sports personalities and organizations such as the President of the UFC Dana White, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach, and the World Players Association.

US President Donald Trump also called on the regime to spare Mr. Afkari’s life, pointing out that his only crime was to participate in an anti-government demonstration because of the worsening economic situation in Iran.

Since the news of Mr. Afkari’s execution broke, political prisoners across their country have condemned the brutal Iranian regime. Political prisoners will understand what Mr. Afkari went through during his time in prison and they are vowing to not give in to the regime’s repression.

Prisoners at Fashafuyeh Prison (also known as the Greater Tehran Penitentiary) voiced their determination to continue standing up to the regime. They urged their families and the people to not remain silent, saying that the “only solution is to stand up to this regime”.

They said that in the run-up to the anniversary of the November uprising, the criminals running the country executed this freedom-loving athlete “in fear of another uprising and to try to create an environment of fear among the people”.

They ended their open letter with: “We call on all the people of Iran to not remain silent and to come to the streets and cry out for freedom and the overthrow of the dictatorship.”

Political prisoners in the Central Prison of Karaj also wrote an open letter, emphasizing the cruel and brutal nature of the regime that continues to execute young freedom seekers. They said that the regime knows the only way it can survive is to “kill our youth and suppress our freedom fighters”. They said that they are going to continue on the same path they chose long ago – the path towards freedom – “even if we are under torture and threat of execution”. They vowed to overthrow the regime.

In another letter from the Prison of Qezel Hesar in Tehran, a group of political prisoners said that the regime will be held accountable “in Iran’s streets” for the brutality it has put on the people of Iran. They too said that the criminal regime’s attempts to “implant fear in the hearts of the people by executing our brave youth” will be fruitless because it is only adding to “the rage of the people”.

They warned the country’s Supreme Leader: “Khamenei should know that with this criminal act, he has only brought himself closer to the overthrow of his regime.”

The execution of the young protester and national wrestling champion Navid Afkari was followed by a wave of anger, especially among the youth. During the past few days, supporters of The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), across Iran have posted banners, placards, reaffirming their commitment to continue Navid’s path, in achieving freedom and democracy in Iran.