Ahmadinejad writes letter to Bush

Ahmadinejad Seds letter to Bush

Ahmadinejad sends letter to Bush

Monday May 8, 2006 (Stop Fundamentalism) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has written a letter to U.S. President George Bush, a government spokesman said Monday.

"In this letter, he has given an analysis of the current world situation, of the root of existing problems and of new ways of getting out of the current vulnerable situation in the world," government spokesman Gholamhossein Elham said Monday to a press conference.

According to the state-run news agency IRNA, Ahmadinejad told reporters earlier in the day he had decided to send letters to leaders of certain countries on the occasion of "Year of Great Prophet Mohammad."

The announcement came just ahead of a meeting of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council in New York in which delegates will discuss a draft resolution on Iran that was introduced last week by the United States, France and Britain.

The draft resolution has been drawn up under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter demanding Tehran mullahs to give up their production of nuclear fuel or face penalties that could include economic sanctions.

Iran is accused of covering up a clandestine nuclear program for 18 years.  The program was exposed by Iranian Opposition in 2002 revealing fact leading to the developments of nuclear weapons.