Bombs found near Iranian border

Bombs found near Iranian borderThe Press Association
Wed 14 Dec 2005

Iraqi border guards have discovered another cache of explosives aimed at killing British soldiers.

The weapons were discovered around 12 miles from the Iranian frontier, close to the border between Basra and Maysan provinces in British-controlled southern Iraq.

Captain Ranith De Silva, of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards battlegroup at Amara in Maysan province, said the seizure happened last month, but details have only now been revealed.

"We were informed in mid-November that the DBE (Department of Border Enforcement) had carried out an operation and we have seen the results of that operation," said Captain De Silva.

There were no details of the quantities of materials found although the haul was being described as "significant".

It was not clear whether the explosives were brought over the border from Iran.

However, the find follows the discovery in July by the DBE of a previous haul of sophisticated "shaped" explosives capable of piercing the armour of British vehicles.

The devices, which had infrared triggers, were of a type developed by Hizbollah in Lebanon and have been blamed for the deaths of at least eight British soldiers in roadside bomb attacks over the summer.

At the time British officials accused elements of the Iranian regime – which has close links with Hizbollah – of supplying the weapons to insurgents in Iraq.

Since then however attempts have been made to play down Iran’s involvement.