Fund set up to ‘demolish’ Israel

Stop Fundamentalism – A group of Iranian militias announced Sunday that they were “setting up a fund to demolish Israel.” The announcement took place at an event attended by a high-ranking member of the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Although the initiative’s name, "The Student Fund for Demolishing Israel," brings to mind President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s call last year to destroy the Jewish state, an organizer said its goal was to support the cash-strapped Palestinian government.

Some 300 people attended the event hosted by a group calling itself the Movement of Justice-Seeking Students at the University of Tehran.

But the response to the call for donations was hardly overwhelming. About 10 students dropped money into a box labeled with the fund’s name. They also put stones in the box in a symbolic gesture of solidarity that alluded to the first Palestinian intefadeh, or uprising, when youths pelted Israeli soldiers with rocks.