Hezbollah to dominate Lebanese military

Stop Fundamentalism, August 21 – An Iranian state-run daily, Javan which is affiliated with Iran’s notorious Revolutionary Guard reported Thursday that the probability of formation of a Lebanese National Army the main body of which is controlled by the Hezbollah, is not far fetched. In such a case, the Hezbollah will have access to modern weaponry in a more official manner.

The daily continues,” The war in Lebanon was a vital game for Iran and Syria. Had Hezbollah been defeated, no doubt Iran would have undergone a lengthy chain of heavy pressures to abandon its nuclear technology and the position of Syria would have been seriously undermined, as well.

“Today, not only the nuclear issue will take up a more normal course, but Iran’s status in the Middle East security issues will be reinforced.

“In future, we would probably hear less rhetoric about an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites. The battle of Lebanon showed that it is impossible to draw the boundaries of the new Middle East without taking Iran into account.”