Iran Mullahs’ Nuke Show

Nuclear dancers

Dancers performing as they hold capsules of uranium hexaflouride during a ceremony in Mashad, Iran, on Tuesday. (AP)

While no more than two weeks remains from the deadline by the United Nations Security Council for Iran to stop its nuclear activities, the mullahs are trying to cover-up their wicked intentions by masquerading shows around the country.

Hatred, derision, and criticism of the West’s hesitation to react to the mullahs’ bullish behavior were the headlines of most independent media around the world. 

This was when from many days in advance in state-run dailies and news media; the regime had started a charade that there will be important “good news” of a “national advancement and breakthrough.”

The highlight at the event in which it was announced that Iran had successfully enriched uranium to 3.5% using 164 cascade centrifuges was a sort of a folkloric dance performed by dancers who held capsules of uranium hexafluoride.

Obviously, the mullahs were trying to present their nuclear ambitions not as only scientific but also as a national-Islamic achievement.

So what we should believe, the enriched uranium pipes in the hands of Paramilitary Bassij units dancing or the mullahs insisting that they only want nuclear technology for electricity?

However, the reality, the mullahs’ response to the UN Security Council was too clear to ignore.  Once again, the world witnessed that the theocratic regime in Iran depends on nuclear weapons to survive and for the same reason it is not willing to give it up.  Consequently, more talks and negotiations will only give more time to the mullahs to take more steps closer to the nuclear bomb.

For those unbelievers who cannot accept a nuclear suicide bomber is possible, just look at the hands of these paramilitary members and see what they are holding.

The Iranian regime, after 18 years of concealment and exploiting many years of appeasement and playing hide and seek with the Europeans and the International Atomic Energy Agency and spending billions, has managed to gather the tools and facilities to be able to build the bomb.  What it needs now is time.

Therefore, we should conclude that giving more time to Fascists would result in disaster for the world.  We need a firm policy towards the mullahs.  This is what the Iranian people want, and what is necessary for peace in the region and the world.