Iran Singing the Nuclear Song – Corrected

iranian dancers doing the nuclear song

Dancers performed the “nuclear dance” at the ceremony when Iran Ahmadinejad announced the completion of Iran’s nuclear production cycle. Dancers performed as they held up capsules of uranium hexafluoride during a ceremony in Mashad, Iran.

Stop Fundamentalism, June 26 – The Persian language daily, Rouz reported today that Iran’s Cultural Ministry has called on Iranian musicians to compose new songs about “peaceful nuclear energy.”

following this invitation, the Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra announced that it will perform a presentation called “Peaceful Nuclear Energy” by Behzad Abdi, an Iranian composer, during the upcoming “Government Commemoration Week” in Tehran.

The production manager of the Tehran Philharmonic said, “A guest conductor, Loris Tjeknavorian, will present the piece during three nights in Tehran.”

During recent months Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iranian regime has been using the Iranian media to turn the nuclear crisis into the top issue of the country.  This has created foolish scenes at times such as the “Nuclear Cake Dance” picture when Iran announced its completion of uranium enrichment cycle. 

Ahmadinejad recently described the nuclear development in the county to be “holy.”