Mullahs’ double talk


Show of force by Paramilitary Bassij Force

May 1, 2006 (Stop Fundamentalism) – According to our sources in Iran, shortly after the announcement about direct takes between Iran and the U.S. on Mullahs’ meddling in Iraqi affairs, Tehran rulers, fearful about the effect the news would have in the ranks of their Security Forces and in a desperate attempt to minimize its’ disappointing setbacks among regime allies in the Middle East, Iran’s Foreign Ministry issued a classified directive to its’ embassies in Islamic nations "briefing everyone to curb misinterpretation of the concept".

Cleary this is a sharp U-turn on the part of the mullahs’ since for years they advertised against U.S "imperialism" for internal consumption. Hardly anyone has forgotten slogans at Friday prayers opposing the United States and providing ideological pretence to recruit "suicide bombers" for terrorist actions.

In response to a question by a reporter in a press conference in April, Mancher Motaki, Mullahs’ Foreign Minister in a desperate attempt to white wash the regime’s in backing off on its word on fight against the "great Satan" (a term used to refer to the U.S since the early days of Islamic revolution in Iran) said, "The Islamic Republic’s diplomatic representatives specially in  the Islamic world are directed to explain the framework of talks with America to prevent any misinterpretation of our positions."

Not long ago different factions within the clerical regime had warned any talks with the U.S would be considered a "poison chalice" taken by the Supreme Leader Ali Khamanei.