The Global Center for Islamic Studies in Qum (GCISQ)

An Institution for training of fundamentalism and terrorism

Stop  Fundamentalism Reports

terroristsThe school is designed specially for the propose of training foreign agents carrying terror assignments under the Mullahs’ regime directions in Iran.  On the out set, the institute is advocating spread of Islam in the rest of the world, however its real task is to brain wash and turn young recruits into time bombs ready to explode at mullahs’ orders.

From the early days of emergence of Islamic regime in Iran, back in late 1970s, recruiting, training and dispatching young recruits  to other countries as missionaries of Khomeini’s thoughts has been the order of the day.  In September of 1979, the "Guardian Council of Foreign Students" was established in Qum’s main theological center and began its work in Hojjateh institute.

In 1986, with small changes in the formation of this body, "Global Center for Islamic Science" came to existence.

In the 90s, Khomeini emerged as the Supreme Leader of the Mullahs’ regime with the power to choose the head of GCIS directly.

In a brief speech given by Khamnei himself in 2005  at GCIS  , he outlined the goals and importance of the center in a few sentences, "paying attention to the graduates’ problems and forming their associations is very significant. Islamic raise today in the world is a substantial  reality with abysmal magnitudes which  I believe we have not been able to have an accurate  appraisal of it. There is no doubt that the west, which revolves around the U.S, has no idea of its potential.  For an acute cure in the past few years an organized onslaught against Iran has been designed .I have a feeling that the enemy is attacking with a deference to the shah’s time, then it was only shah’s secrete police but at present our adversary with all of its potent economic and military might is facing us.  They strike and we strike back.  There even has been times which our response has caused them more damage than they anticipated.  The situation is as such that I can tell you for sure the West is in a dilemma.”

Khamenei’s brief comments at GCIS are an unequivocal support for terrorism in the name of Islam and reveal the true nature of the GCIS.  In simple words, this school trains masterminds of terrorism in the world ready to be dispatched to their home countries, which in turn are capable of recruiting many others.

Since the graduates of GCIS are involved in illegal activates in their own countries, during trainings at school an atmosphere of secrecy is prevalent so much that the students’ raster is considered highly classified.  Agents of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and   Security are constantly hunting in GCIS for spies of other countries culminating in occasional arrests of some individuals.