Summary of Protests in Iran 3rd Week of October

Protests in Iran
Reports obtained by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran) network inside Iran indicate there have more protests across the country against the regime’s officials and their wrong economic policies.

Protests in Iran

Reports have been obtained by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK Iran), to indicate that protests have broken out across Iran against the economic policies of the Iranian regime. Some of these protests have been highlighted below.

  • October 15th MEK supporter from Sib-o-Sura, Sistan Baluchistan: SSF forces were attacked by youths, forcing them to retreat.
  • October 16th MEK supporter from Hormozgan: Owners of a diesel-gas center in Hormozgan and locals have pushed back against the regime’s forces arrived to attack the center and made them retreat.
  • October 17th MEK supporter from Ahar-Meshginshahr: more delayed paychecks for workers at the Ahar-Meshginshahr highway project in Meshginshahr has led to a strike.
  • October 17th MEK supporter from Tabriz: workers have gone on strike at the Zamzam factory in Tabriz. The workers complain that their paychecks are delayed and that some of their colleagues have been fired.

  • October 18th MEK supporter from Ahvaz: a strike by municipality workers in Hamidieh, Ahvaz province, is set to continue for 5 days. Garbage is beginning to pile up in the streets because of the strike. Failure to pay the workers on time is the main grievance. They have been threatened with being fired and one worker has already been arrested. Paychecks have not been paid for 15 months plus bonuses for 2016 and 2017.
  • October 18th MEK supporter from Ahvaz: municipality workers who have been fired in Kamarbad-e Sabz in Ahvaz are protesting their dismissal outside the municipality building. More than 22 contract workers lost their job when contractors were changed by the municipality.
  • October 20th MEK supporter from Lamerd: a strike by workers at the Parsian natural gas processing plant in Lamerd, Fars province, is now into its fourth consecutive day. The workers are demanding that they be paid as their pay is late.
  • October 20th MEK supporter from Mahshahr: a strike into its third consecutive day continued at the Razi Petrochemical company in Mahshahr. Workers are demanding to be paid and that there is discrimination against contract workers at the plant.

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