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Issue 42 April 15 2006
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  • Iran Mullahs’ Nuke Show
  • Iran: We do not have much time
  • ElBaradei’s Iran visit: a mere failure
  • Who controls Iraq
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  • The think they are big and strong now! No, I do not mean the children but the mullahs in Iran.

    The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Friday that Iran’s growing authority as one of the member countries of the "nuclear club" in an attempt to goad the West’s view of the country.

    Iran’s military carried out war games last week at the Persian Gulf trying to show a little mussels to the West. Taken seriously at the beginning, the war games brought nothing for the mullahs but ridicule.


    On the other hand, Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State said that Iran is miscalculating in its challenges to the United Nations Security Council. Rice’s comments came as a warning of possible punitive actions from the Council on April 30.

    Although Russia seems to have changed sides after the latest Ahmadinejad Show, introducing the new enrichment process in Iran last Friday, China seems to still have some hope.

    The international community is calling on Iran to stop nuclear enrichment as a precondition to continued talks with the West; Iran is declining.


    Iran Mullahs’ Nuke Show

    While no more than two weeks remains from the deadline by the United Nations Security Council for Iran to stop its nuclear activities, the mullahs are trying to cover-up their wicked intentions by masquerading shows around the country.

    Hatred, derision, and criticism of the West’s hesitation to react to the mullahs’ bullish behavior were the headlines of most independent media around the world.

    This was when from many days in advance in state- run dailies and news media; the regime had started a charade that there will be important “good news” of a “national advancement and breakthrough.”

    Iran: We do not have much time

    Appeasement to the mullahs will not prevent war but will in fact raise the possibility of it.

    The Iranian regime, by starting the enrichment process using the 164 centrifuge cascades, sent out a clear answer and a mere slap on the face to the United Nations Security Council’s Presidential Statement calling for a halt of regime’s enrichment activities.

    This is another indication that any type of hesitation will embolden the mullahs and encourage them to continue their misdeed.

    Appeasement to the mullahs will not prevent war but will in fact raise the possibility of it. The world has to react quickly. We do not have much time.

    The West fruitlessly has given all possible advantages to the mullahs for years.

    ElBaradei’s Iran visit: a mere failure

    April 13, 2006 (Stop Fundamentalism) – Mohamed ElBaradei the Noble peace prize laureate and the head of the UN nuclear watchdog agency IAEA arrived in Tehran Thursday to talk Iran into suspension of its uranium enrichment program and return to the negotiating table with the West.

    Iran sparked international alarm two days ago after it announced that it has achieved the capability to operate a 164 cascade of centrifuges, which could produce 3.5% enriched uranium. The technology, as scientists say, could be used to produce weapon’s grade uranium.

    Iranian hardliner President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared on Tuesday April 11 that Iran had officially joined the group of countries with nuclear capabilities commonly known as the”Nuclear Club.”

    Who controls Iraq

    The chaotic state in Iraq continues to claim innocent lives by the hands of paramilitary forces that are wildly believed to be connected to Iran.

    Last week in a mosque after the Friday prayer sermon, an explosion killed 85 people and injured 165 others. This was the latest big explosion in Iraq while the killing continues on daily bases around this country.

    In a television interview with Al-Jazzira Network, Hareth Al-Nazari, chief of Muslim Leaders Group in Iraq said, “the current government in Iraq is responsible for the death of 40,000 people during the past year.”

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