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Issue 43 May 6 2006
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  • Iran’s Ahmadinejad named predator of press freedom.
  • Iranians aspire to overthrow mullahs
  • Iran, is waging war the only way?
  • Mullahs’ double talk
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  • April 30, 1945 Hitler committed suicide. One week later, May 7 and 8, Nazi Germany’s army surrendered. And that was the final scene of the biggest war in written human history that claimed the lives of 55 million people.

    Those days the Fascist state considered any discontent and opposition to the war as a betrayal. Hitler called his expansionism, extending German’s motherland and he depicted his war as a National war aiming to get back what was taken away from Germany. With no shame, he considered the war a defensive one.


    Ironically at the same time when German tanks were maneuvering around in Belgium getting ready to overtake France, Hitler’s party staged an anti-war demonstration in Saarbrucken. The Nazi peace advocates chanted, “Why fight? Let’s be friends” or, “We condemn war.”
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    Iran’s Ahmadinejad named predator of press freedom.

    May 4, 2006 (Stop Fundamentalism) – Reporters without boarders named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the new president of Iran who took office in 2005, as a predator of press freedom.

    This exclusive club maintained by the organization expanded in 2005 to include Ahmadinejad, due to making inflammatory remarks as soon as he took office, forcing many newspapers to closedown.

    Iranians aspire to overthrow mullahs

    Falling into the hands of the United Nations Security Council, Iranian mullahs are now trying any possibility to slowdown the decision making process to somehow pass this crisis.

    On one hand the mullahs are threatening that they are now a “nuclear power” and incase of any measure by the Security Council “Iran will change its behavior.”

    The mullahs’ regime tried to misuse the International May Day to divert the worker demonstrators’ aims to display support for its nuclear weapons program; a plan that the brave Iranian workers, by denouncing regimes policies, did not let succeed.

    Iran, is waging war the only way?

    There is a lot of talk and concern expressed recently in the news media about a possible war against Iran. While the concerns are real, and I share in those concerns; there is one important aspect that should not be ignored. It is important that in avoiding war we be careful not to fall for the ploys of an Islamic fascist dictator in Iran who is trying to use our peaceful aspirations to buy time to proceed with his own evil plans.

    We live at a critical period in history. What we choose to do can on the one hand bring peace and freedom to the whole world, including the Middle East or it can give way to the likes of another Hitler left free to do the unthinkable. Very soon we – the supporters of peace — will be forced into another war similar to World War II or even worse.

    Mullahs’ double talk

    May 1, 2006 (Stop Fundamentalism) – According to our sources in Iran, shortly after the announcement about direct takes between Iran and the U.S. on Mullahs’ meddling in Iraqi affairs, Tehran rulers, fearful about the effect the news would have in the ranks of their Security Forces and in a desperate attempt to minimize its’ disappointing setbacks among regime allies in the Middle East, Iran’s Foreign Ministry issued a classified directive to its’ embassies in Islamic nations "briefing everyone to curb misinterpretation of the concept".

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