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Issue 45 June 10 2006
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  • Will Iran take the offer?
  • Iran clashes leave six dead and many wounded
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  • The humiliation of Ali Akbar Rafsanjani, the head of the Expediency Council and former President of the mullahs’ regime, during a speech in the holy city of Qom on June 3 once again underscored the depth of internal crisis the ruling theocracy in Iran is facing.

    Chants of “down with Rafsanjani” by those attending his speech which was being aired live on state-run television sounded the bells for a dictatorship on its deathbed.

    <>Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

    Mullah Rafsanjani’s face at the event was quite a sight. With all the “capacity” of impudence and obscenity he holds for himself, he had lost control and it seemed as if he did not expect to be isolated by those who used to call him the “foundation of the regime” and the “man of war” before the fall of the mullahs’ regime.

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    Will Iran take the offer?

    Apparently, the State Department has come up with a suggestion to join its European allies in talks with Iran in order to rectify the “nuclear situation diplomatically.”

    The Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, in her statement suggested that US would join the talks provided Iran “stopped enriching uranium.”

    Iran clashes leave six dead and many wounded

    Stop Fundamentalism, May 26 – In the fifth consecutive day of riots in the Azeri speaking provinces, yesterday thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Iran’s north-western cities staging anti-government demonstrations.

    In an attempt to stop the demonstrations from spreading, anti-riot units opened fire into the crowd, killing six demonstrators and wounding dozens of others.

    The riots started when a state-run daily “Iran” published a cartoon insulting Iran’s Azeri speaking people. According to some reports, about 27 percent of Iranians speak Azeri.

    Tehran University’s dormitory was also the scene of anti-government protests by the students on May 23.

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