Another Iranian-run dungeon discovered in Basra

Iraq picture prisonStop Fundamentalism, May 23 – Al_jazeera newspaper in Saudi Arabia reported that another torture chamber run the Iranian ministry of Intelligence has been discovered in Basra, Iraq.

According to this newspaper, in this prison, various forms of physical and psychological tortures are practiced on the prisoners.

Although the prison is affiliated with the Interior Ministry of Iraq, but the main operators are people tied to the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence. The managers of this prison use Iraqi pseudonyms and speak Arabic, but it is completely clear from their accents that they are Iranians.

The report further goes into details about the people running the prison and exposes their affiliation with various Iranian intelligence and military organizations and entities. 

“The prison is headed by a man named Col. Karim whose parents and wife are Iranians and the wife and his two children are currently in Iran. It is said that he is constantly in contact with the Iranian Intelligence Ministry.  Also one of the interrogators who use torture on detainees lived in Iran for 20 years and is a member of the Iranian Intelligence and the Qods Force and he receives his salary from the Qods Force,” Al-Jazeera reports.

The report continues detailing other personnel of the prison affiliated to Tehran and exhibits another revealing evidence of the involvement of the Iranian regime in Iraq, and the extent of brutality used by it’s agents on the Iraqi people and their opponents.