Brussels: Iranians in exile demand Iran’s nuclear file be referred to the UNSC

Brussels: Iranians in exile demand Iran’s nuclear file be referred to the
23 December 2005
On Tuesday at the same time when talks between the EU-3 (Britain, France and Germany) and Iran was taking place in Switzerland regarding Iran’s nuclear program, hundreds of Iranian exiles and Belgians braved the winter’s cold and rallied outside the European Union headquarters in Brussels to call for the immediate referral of Tehran’s atomic weapons file to the UN Security Council.

First speaker Mr. Jean- Pierre Malmendier a member of the Belgian parliament and a well known Human Rights activist from the Liberal Democratic Party  said, "Ahmadinejad has shown the real intentions of the this regime to the world. The intentions Khatami tried to cover up for several years. Iran is trying to build Atomic Bomb in order to solidify its influence in the region. It is doing all it can to intervene in Iraq’s internal affairs. In last parliamentary election in Iraq they coordinated a vast ballot fraud with their agents".
Mr. Malmendier also called for a "change in European appeasement policy” towards Iran and demanded a quick referral of Iran’s nuclear dossier to the UN Security Council.

"we must send a clear message to the Iranian people and let them know that we stand by their side on their struggle for democracy and freedom" Malmendir added.

Next speaker Mr. Dirk Claes, member of Belgium parliament form Christian Democratic Party said, "Iran has been meddling in Iraq for quiet sometimes. They are trying to prevent democratic changes there. In less than a week after the election, we hear several news regarding vast frauds by Iran to force an "Islamic Republic" in Iraq".

Mr. Phillip MARKIEWICZ, coordinator of Jewish organizations in Belgium in his solidarity message said, "Iran has an old and historic civilization. It is so sad to see a person like Ahmadinejad there as president".

At the end a resolution was read calling for the referral of Iran’s violations of Human Rights and nuclear files to the UN Security Council.