Delegation warns against dangers of Iranian interventions in Iraq

Stop Fundamentalism – A Darussalam newspaper associated with the Islamic Party of Iraq reported on May 28 that Shiekh Khalaf Al-Olyan, member of Iraqi Accord Front said a delegation from this front met Friday with Manouchehr Mottaki, the visiting Iranian Foreign Minister, and warned him against the dangers of continuation of Iranian interventions in Iraqi affairs.

In a press release issued Saturday, Al-Olyan said a delegation from the Accord Front of Iraq explained about Iran’s flagrant interventions in Iraqi affairs and its negative impact on the security and stability of Iraq to the Iranian minister.

"At the same time, the issue of explosions carried out by Iranian-backed militias in Iraq who target Iraqi citizens was also brought to the attention of the Iranian minister because a number of them have been arrested by the American forces," said Al-Olyan.

Also an Iraqi religious authority in Jordan, Ayatollah Sheikh Hossein Mo’ayed, in a press statement issued on May 28, stressed, "Iraq has turned into a playground for Iran," Az-Zowra TV reported.

In this statement, he stressed that ‘Iranian objectives in Iraq are not constructive.  They are neither compatible with the interests of the Iraqi people nor Iraq’s national sovereignty.”

Mo’ayed also emphasized that the Iranians do not deny their interferences in Iraq; instead they try to justify it.