Friends of Humanity co-sponsors a gathering in Lille to condemn human rights violations in Iran

On Sunday 16th.Oct.2005, a gathering was arranged in Lille to commemorate the international day against execution, the participants were supporters of “FOH”, French citizens and some Iranian activists.

The first speaker was Mr. Jacque Rollier , who spoke about violation of Human rights in Iran. He described how more than 120,000 have been executed in the two decades of Mullahs’ rule in Iran, and how in a single incident, 30,000 political prisoners were mass-murdered  in 1988. He went on to analyze the inhuman rules imposed on the Iranian people, including the infamous nemesis law, which has been extensively applied since the Mullahs came to power, one of the worst laws known as has been extensively used.

Mr. Rollier also criticized  the execution of adults under 18 years of age, and emphasized that more than 25 years ago “Khomeini” said that to kill a person is a gift of kindness from God, a “kindness” the Mullahs have exercised ever since, in order to keep themselves in power. Mr. Rollier stressed the importance of the Iranian Resistance against the Mullahs’ regime, a resistance whose principles are the humanitarian values of kindness, love and friendship.

Then a film the most recent executions in Iran was shown, which has a powerful effect on all the participants.

A youth representative from Lille condemned the execution of adults under 18 in Iran.

The meeting concluded with another film, showing the daily routine of misery experienced by ordinary Iranians under the