Friends of Humanity co-sponsors British – Iranian gathering in Birmingham

ImageA mixed gathering of Britons and Iranians gathered in Birmingham on Wednesday 19th.Oct, at the joint invitation of the Iranian community and the Friends of Humanity.
The meeting started with an interesting slide show of various cultural, natural and archaeological places of interest in Iran and continued with a film about fundamentalism, the new global threat.

This film took a close look at Islamic fundamentalism and showed its current activities and scale of its operations, as well as showing its rapid growth. The participants found the film very impressive, as well as disturbing.
Mr. Rob Morris from the Labour party then described the situation in Iran today, summing it up as currently disastrous and potentially catastrophic.

The next speaker was Mr. Malcolm Fawler, a member of the human rights group and an ex-member of the Lawyers Committee of Birmingham. He strongly condemned the violation of human rights in Iran and as well as the many abuses of civil rights; he concluded that the power of the Islamic fundamentalists is the main reason for the current oppression, tyranny and lawlessness in Iran.